Core 2.0.0 FINAL (Milestone 8) Released!

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  • robxu9 Head Developer

    The MineQuest team would like to announce the immediate availability of the 2.0.0 final release!

    This release contains 8 months of work that we have done to MineQuest 2.0.0! Throughout the various milestones, we've done tons of bug-fixing, added features that you can use, and in general, enjoyed developing this!

    First off, a big thanks to the MineQuest team:
    • phrstbrn, Developer
    • jmonk, Developer
    • robxu9, Developer
    • Echobob, Manager
    • Ltan, Manager
    • makraiz, Support
    • Blaksmith, Support
    • cloned, Infrastructure
    Next off, translations! MineQuest 2.0.0 added support for translations, and we'd like to thank the following people who contributed:
    • Gait (Dutch - nl_NL)
    • squeezer (German - de_DE)
    • donquiche (French - fr_FR)
    • KomDie (Russian - ru_RU)
    • rogaforyn (Portuguese - pt_BR)
    • MephistophiA (Turkish - tr)
    To use their translation, simply set your language in to one of the codes above!

    And finally, here are the list of changes from Milestones 7, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, and 7.5:
    • Fixed Requirement Parsing (robxu9)
    • Re-added Edit Targets (jmonk)
    • Remove large amounts of synchronization for a speed boost (phrstbrn)
    • Have /quest report the current task when within an instanced quest (robxu9)
    • Re-add <= 0.70 MineQuest Quest Task behaviour (robxu9)
    • Include persistence within DestroyEvent (robxu9)
    • Update RewardEnchanted to reflect actual values within Minecraft (phrstbrn)
    • Cleanup Material Matching (phrstbrn)
    • Fix RewardPermEvent and RewardCmdEvent cutting out a parameter (robxu9)
    • Fix deprecated Bukkit Methods (phrstbrn)
    • Refactor BlockEvent (phrstbrn)
    • Add targetting for AreaEvents (jmonk)
    • Fix indexing for Lightning events (jmonk)
    • Add dropitems parameter to EntitySpawnerEvent (phrstbrn)
    • EntitySpawnEvent and EntitySpawnNoMoveEvent now completes when entity is killed (phrstbrn)
    • HealthEntitySpawn now has a user description (phrstbrn)
    • Fixed the reading of .quest files when the encoding was different from the system, via UniversalChardet by Mozilla.
    • Fix the next event proceeding to end the quest prematurely.
    • Fix RewardItemEvent cutting off the last (or only) item.
    • When all events in the task complete, the quest no longer deadlocks, and proceeds to the next one, or -1 if the quest is over.
    • /quest now shows the display name of World Quests
    • <br> can now be used to indicate a newline in Quest descriptions
    • Reward Events are now atomic and require a task id. They should be the only event in the task.
    • /quest drop now defaults to op only for security reasons. /quest admindrop <player> <questname> <complete?> has been added to allow ops to drop quests that players have.
    • Requirements were refactored and now use a flexible event-like manager.
      • Dynamic Requirements are now possible with the API.
      • Repeatable:false now works, too!
      • To check requirements on starting, use StartReq:reqid,reqid,...
      • To check requirements on giving, use GiveReq:reqid,reqid,...
    • The /quest menu was refactored entirely:
      • Doing /quest will now show the player current quests.
      • The only few player commands include /quest start, abandon, active, info, and exit.
      • This was done to simplify the use of commands and prevent confusion.
    • The Instanced handler now deprecates the old LoadWorld and Instance handlers, both which were from the previous systems.
    • i18n keys are now translated on You can add custom translations via the custom.dict file.

    MineQuest will continue developing onward! We are currently evaluating our options for versioning schemes and further courses of actions, and we will let the community know what we believe is the way to go. Stay tuned, and thanks for flying MineQuest!
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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by robxu9, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. fassad1001
    Fixed Requirement Parsing (robxu9)
    - can i get list of Requirements?
    - where i can get this event? i can't find it in the QuestHelper.
    Add dropitems parameter to EntitySpawnerEvent (phrstbrn)
    - i don't see this parametr in the QuestHelper
    Fix RewardItemEvent cutting off the last (or only) item.
    - it means i can reward player by item with id 12:22?