Featured Dungeon Quest [3.0.0]

Discussion in 'Quest Showcase' started by robxu9, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. robxu9 Head Developer

    The Dungeon Quest, version 0.41!Updated to MineQuest 3.0.0!

    Author: The one and only, jmonk.

    Recommended Levels: ~3-7

    Recommended Group Size: 3

    Experience Rewarded: 1000 (divided equally among group members)

    Is Repeatable: Yes


    This quest has two floors, the stairs are only unlocked by pulling a lever found somewhere in the dungeon. This has little story line and is designed to show off some of the basic features of the questing system. The dungeon is littered with various traps. It has a final boss which is a Zombie Pigman with 200 health.



    Quest File
    World Tar File
  2. Simon Starting Out

    How do I put it in my server? thanks
  3. Echobob Developer

    1. Download both files.
    2. Open the world Tar file and take out the world and put it in the main directory of your server(where you other world files are)
    3. Take the Quest file and open the plugins folder of your server.
    4. Then locate the minequest folder.
    5. Inside the plugin folder, locate the quests folder.
    6. Paste file inside there.
    7. Please see http://theminequest.com/wiki/installation/ for more instructions.
  4. James Henk Starting Out

    Does this still work with 2.0.0 milestone 3?
  5. cloned Administrator

    It should.
  6. robxu9 Head Developer

    Haven't tested it though. :<
  7. sddddgjd Starting Out

    Seems awesome. Is it compatible with the latest version of minequest?
  8. robxu9 Head Developer

    I found out there were some implementation issues with the way I am currently handling events and tasks as opposed to the old method of handling it - until I fix that issue, this won't work. On the bright side, this should work hopefully in upcoming development builds, when I do fix that issue.
  9. robxu9 Head Developer

    This quest has been updated to work with MineQuest 3.0.0!
    (It works, too!)